Today's Beer List

FEBRUARY FEST // hybrid euro ale // 5.8%
Brewed especially for the time between winter thaws. Notice notes of nuts and toast from the Munich malt wash over while a fresh, green and earthy snap linger from Pacific NW hops.

cream ale // 5.2%

Bright, clean, crisp, think
corn pops and citrus zest

Coachella Bound
San Diego Red Ale // 6.7%

Boldly herbaceous, pithy-citrus and resinous - with Mosaic dry hop

Lit Up
super pale // 5.8%
Honeydew, muskmelon, grapefruit rind

juicy pale // 5.7%
Strawberries, candied berries, tropical fruit cup

Good News Bad News
coffee hybrid euro // 5.8%

Candied dates, honey glazed toast, baking baklava

S1 E1
evolving pale // 5.6%

Piney, papaya, pineapple (other alliterative things)

Blue Sky
Kentucky Common // 5.2%  Madeira, dark stone fruit, smooth as you'd only find in the Appalachians

Luxury Sweatpants
Double IPA // 8.2%

Bursting citrus, dank and deceptive

oat stout // 5.8%

Roasty, toasty, touch of toffee and cocoa puffs


S1 E2
evolving pale // 5.7%

Tangelo, sticky sap and moderately high levels of CPU's

Non Dairy Creamer
cold brew cream ale // 5.2%

Carmel corn, peach pit, a must try

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