Today's Beer List

Thumb War Champion // Unfiltered Rye Pils - dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc // 4.7% DH w/ Hallertau Blanc

Clean Sheets // Kölsch // 5%
Turn down for what?! Kölsch

Cream Ale // 5.2%

Bright, clean, crisp, think
corn pops and citrus zest

Clap Track
Double IPA // 8.0%

Everything you love in that song you won't hit play on but will bob your head to - cause that's what Citra and Mosaic do.


What Up // Juicy Pale // 5.5%
Hazy. Juicy. Pale. Just like your pre-summer bod

Oat IPA // 7.7%
Let us take you to Flavortown, we'll start with this candy fruit basket...

Corduroy Pillow
Imperial Northeastern Brown Ale // 8.0%

An eruption of dark and milk chocolate with a  lush thicket of dankness


Blue Sky
Kentucky Common // 5.2%  Madeira, dark stone fruit, smooth as you'd only find in the Appalachians

Luxury Sweatpants
Double IPA // 8.2%

Bursting citrus, dank and deceptive

Coachella Bound
San Diego Red IPA // 6.7%

Boldly herbaceous, pithy-citrus and resinous - with Mosaic dry hop



S1 E3
Evolving Pale // 6.7%

Pilsner malt base w/ Amarillo, Ekuanot Cryohops.  Everything you hate to love...

Head Pin
Helles Lager // 5.0%

Crushable, liquid cereal grains, light as a South Beach diet. Your après whatever beer.

have a clean growler? We'll purge & fill it!