Today's Beer List

(Subject to change)

Heavy Petting
Wee Heavy // 12.0% (CANS AVAILABLE)

Romance, nostalgia and flashbacks of malty feels  

OMW // Interstellar IPA // 7% (CANS AVAILABLE)
Out-of-this-world tropical flavors and floral aromas

Climb Up // Juicy Pale // 5.8%(CANS AVAILABLE)
Everest, Apls, Fuji? Let’s go…

SN2 EP2 // Modern IPA // 7% (CANS AVAILABLE) “The Lost Episode” See what kind of insane citrus we left on the cutting room floor

Turn Down // Oat IPA // 7% (CANS AVAILABLE)
For what? For one of our newest hop varieties: Sabro and classic El Dorado

Wake Up // Juicy Pale w/ coffee // 5.8% (CANS AVAILABLE)
This is what it's like when worlds collide.

Double Dry-Hopped Luck UP // IPA // 7% (CANS AVAILABLE)
Double the Citra & Mosaic, double the luck. In collab with Good Luck Restaurant

Pull Out Couch // Petite Pastry Stout w/ cocoa nibs & coffee  // 7.5%
Can't sleep on this one - less function all flavor 

Clean Sheets  // Kölsch // 5% 
Beer flavored beer for you beer drinking folk

Wake up  // Juicy Pale w/ Coffee // 5.8% ( CANS AVAILABLE)
This is what it’s like when worlds collide

Fauxkanut // 5.5% (CANS AVAILABLE)
Coffee parlor vibes in a coconut sea of chocolate factory flow

Rotating Cider
Adult Apple Juice // yes%

Ask your bartender for the current selection

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