Today's Beer List

(Subject to change)

A-Gris To Dis-A-Gris
Double IPA w/ Pinot Gris Jooze // 10.0%

Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, a drink come true with our frands at Living Roots Winery 

Sour Fix // Sour w/ Raspberries // 5.5%
A Vitamix blast of wafers and ripened raspberries.

Blueberry Balsamic Gose
Fruited Sour // 5.7%

Think blueberry compote, Salt Bae’s seasoning technique and a smear of balsamic gastrique.

Lite Up
juicy pale // 4.8%

All the citrus swagger of Lit Up in a guilt free 4.8% package.

King Peach // Honey IPA // 7.7%
Made with peaches and NYS wildflower honey.

Square Up // Juicy Pale // 5.8%
Drink the juice - it's hip to  be square.

Sit Up // Juicy Pale // 5.8%
Working out was never this rewarding.

Modern Day Dark Cream Ale // 4.8%

The new you - clean and refined.

Lickable Wallpaper
Double IPA w/ fruit // 8.1%

Nelson Sauvin hops and gooseberries.

Thrift Store Recliner // Petite Pastry Stout // 7.0%
Sludgy, fudgy, and chocolaty; like liquid brownie batter 

#Selfcare //
Coffee Porter // 6.5%

Roasty, toasty and best served with a crisp. Brewed with Ethiopian Wenago coffee.

Season 2 Ep 5 //
Modern IPA // 7.0%

A new school take on the old school classic

Thumb War Champion // Unfiltered Rye Pils // 4.7%
Crisp, refreshing and unfussy

Clean Sheets // Kölsch // 5%
As fresh as your weekend laundry ritual

Luck Up
IPA // 7.0%

A Mosaic and Citra mouthgasm. Brewed with our homies at Good Luck Restaurant

Rotating Cider
Adult Apple Juice // yes%

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